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I have never felt so good about entering a doctors office. Honestly It felt more like I was entering a spa than a dermatologists office. It had the scent of lavender with relaxing music playing in the background. They had an assortment of hot teas and lotion samples for your hydrating needs in the waiting room.

The receptionist was friendly and got me checked in quickly. You fill out your forms online through a patient portal before you arrive. Love that! They called me back about 15 minutes later, I was 45 minutes early to my appointment.

I had the pleasure of meeting with the PA, Ms. Rivens. She was so sweet and you could tell she loves her job. She answered all of my questions without me feeling rushed. Her and the nurse made it an enjoyable experience for what it was.

After my appointment I had to pick up a couple of things from the pharmacy and conveniently there's one right Across the hall! If your skin is need I highly recommend the dermatology center!

Britnie J.

Dr. Trakimas and TDCOR

Dr. Trakimas at The Dermatology Center of Raleigh is the best Dermatologist I have ever seen. She is compassionate and listens carefully to every problem and concern. She also takes the time to make sure I understand the prescribed treatment. Since I have been seeing her my skin looks the best it ever has. Her staff is friendly and you feel like they really care about you and your well being. When you have an emergency they try their hardest to get you into the office as soon as possible. I am always promptly seen and have never had to wait more than a few minutes. The office is spotless, welcoming and everyone is always professional. I am so happy I found Dr. Trakimas and the Dermatology Center of Raleigh.

Amanda Stone

Dr. Trakimas

I went to Dr. Trakimas after my sister started going. Her skin looks absolutely amazing. She suffered from bad acne on her cheeks and had a few scars. You would never know now! They are so friendly and really try to make it a great experience. Dr. Trakimas really takes the time to explain everything and gives you the best treatment. She makes herself available to you anytime if there is an emergency. Such a blessing to have found her. I suffered from dull dry skin (with a few break outs and blackhead) after having insomnia for awhile. But, after starting her treatment plan, my skin has never looked so healthy!! Praise God! So glad my sister found them!:)

Alexis Wetherill

Dr. Tarsha

This was my first appointment at this facility and a dermatologist period. They made me feel comfortable while explaining my issues and how we would resolve them. Dr. Tarsha is compassionate and great at what she does. I highly recommend.

Yolanda D.


Upon reading some of the reviews, I was skeptical about going to my already scheduled appointment. However, I am glad that I went with my womanly instinct! My experience at this establishment was fantastic. The staff was very nice and the ambiance of the office was great. I have been suffering from adult acne in the last few weeks but the PA that assisted me was upbeat and quite positive about her recommendations to clear up my problem. As a matter of fact, when I awakened this morning from using what she had prescribed, I had a glow to my skin that I haven't noticed in sometime. This verifies that this is the beginning of a great regimen to eliminate my acne. I was literally in tears about my skin but they truly helped me feel much better about what I have been going through. Let me not to forget to add that the administrative staff and the PA's assistant were quite pleasurable.

Katina Kinder


Very Clean and modern looking place. Staff was very helpful and I waited maybe five minutes and I saw the nurse and doctor right away. The Doctor made me feel very relaxed and asked questions that didn't make me feel like I had something wrong with me. Just by looking she already knew what was wrong and had the prescription ready in minutes. I was there for probably less than thirty minutes and I was on my way home. Great Place and Great Staff.



I've had very positive experiences here and found the staff courteous and the doctors responsive and thorough.

Cydney Davis-English

Dr. Trakimas

My experiences here are POSITIVE ones, despite the sometimes emotionally taxing conditions of my skin. Dr. Trakimas makes well-informed decisions and truly cares about her patients. She is generous but efficient with her time. My appointments never feel rushed. She has offered 24-hour availability around the clock. She follows up and follows through.

I can attest to a couple of bad experiences at the front-desk but thankfully, those were nearly a year ago and the lady involved is LONG gone. The truly accommodating staff with 5-star customer care have stayed and do their best to assist you in any way possible! I HIGHLY recommend this office!

Laura Bonin


Awesome doctor... Extremely sweet and soft spoken but really enjoys making sure her patients understand the 'whys' and 'hows'! The nurse and staff are just the same which is hard to find!!! Nurses want to reassure what has been said was captured and willing to repeat with no reservations and receptionist both intake and appointment are pleasant.

Seriously, I'm surprised this place doesn't have a slew of ratings... Really nice group!

Only negative - coffee stand doesn't offer

Jeannien E.

Dr. Trakimas

Dr. Trakimas is my personal dermatologist-- as well as the professional to whom I refer many of my patients. Uniformly, all have commented favorably on Dr. Trakimas' knowledge, helpfulness and clinical skills. She puts the "P" in professionalism! I recommend her highly and that's why I also seek her extraordinary dermatological care!

Martha G. Peck, MD

Dr. Trakimas

Dr. Trakimas and I met approximately 20 years ago while she was director of Dermatology at Ft. Bragg, NC. Dr. Trakimas was an officer in the US Army at that time. I worked closely with Dr. Trakimas providing surgical services for skin malignancies. I found Dr. Trakimas to be a caring, knowledgeable, and competent physician. My referral relationship has continued with Dr. Trakimas and she continues with the best practices dermatology offers. Her care decisions are those based on the best care for her patients. I support her selection completely.

March 21, 2015
Robert E. Clark, MD, PhD

Dr. Trakimas

Dr. Trakimas is a remarkable dermatologist. Her fund of medical knowledge exceeds that of many other physicians that I know. She is dedicated to the care of her patients and shows great empathy, kindness and concern for all. I would highly recommend Dr.Trakimas to anyone seeking excellent dermatologic care.

Dr. Charles Barish

Dr. Trakimas

I highly recommend The Dermatology Center of Raleigh! Dr. Trakimas is the BEST and very thorough at what she does!!! She really is highly educated and has a wonderful personality! I owe her a world of THANKS! Thank you!

Tammy D.